Troubleshoot Downloads

Our clients very rarely encounter any difficulties in making their download. However, in about 1% of the cases problems have arisen.

If you are not able to view your guide, please attempt the following:

1. Update your browser (and download manager) with the latest upgrade. (We recommend Firefox)
In the vast majority of cases this alleviates the problem.

2. Our server may be temporarily busy. Please try again later.

3. The guide is published for viewing in PDF format. If you don’t have a PDF viewer, get one for free from Adobe.

Get Adobe Reader for viewing PDF files

4. Make sure you have saved your guide to a known location on your harddisk (instead of opening it directly in your browser). Next, open the guide directly from Adobe Reader (or another PDF viewer).

If, after doing all the above, you still can not execute your download, then please contact us.