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From the Readers

Creatine: A practical guide is the answer to your prayers if you’re looking for step-by-step instructions for adding this powerful muscle booster to your current fitness program!

No more wasted money! When it comes to creatine, you’ll know EXACTLY what to take, how to take it, what to avoid, and how to magnify the effects, taking your gains to the next level!

Jeff Anderson, USA

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Here are just a few of the testimonials we receive each day from satisfied readers of Creatine: A practical guide:

It is, by far, the best report I have read, and, believe me, I have read not only numerous articles but several books on the subject.
I’m a stickler for clear and concise writing, and your writing style fits the bill. The instructions on creatine use are exact, and the adjustments concerning body size were a most pleasant surprise….no other write-up took that into consideration.

William Hudgins,

I have read many articles on creatine and your’s is by far the most comprehensive and objective publication I have ever read.
I truly believe that with the lack of information on creatine at the local book stores, Borders, Barnes & Noble, and the like that every effort should be made to get your book on the shelf. Many people are looking for this information and it’s just not that easy to find.
Thank you again for your guide.

Thomas Webb,

Having been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years and having taken creatine since it first came on the scene I was always impressed with the results that I was achieving. But I always wanted to know more about the substance, how it works, what are the side effects if any, how to take it properly, now I know.

Creatine: A practical guide, is a scientific and comprehensive guide yet simple to read. I only wish that it was around when I first started taking it as I’m sure my progress would have been a lot faster.

Gary Matthews, Internationally Recognized Fitness Expert,

…the guide is great! I am happy that I made the purchase…
Before buying the guide I was taking my creatine before my workouts, not knowing that I was supposed to be using it afterward. I have noticed an increase in muscle size since buying your guide and using creatine post-workout in combination with your ‘anabolic recipe’.
Thanks again!
The guide is awesome.

Mike Goulet,

My son is graduating from high school in a couple days and wants to take creatine this summer while lifting weights. He is going to college in athletic training/PT and has done research and reports on Physical Therapy, creatine, and steroids.
I think it is important to get as much info as possible before making decisions. Your information is so complete and clear. Your guide gave us all the information I could think of and of course a lot more.
Downloading was easy.

Shelly Hansen,
Concerned parent

…Needless to say, it (Creatine: A practical guide) answers all of my questions and worries plus a whole lot more. Well worth the investment, I can’t wait to put all this new knowledge into action.
Once again, thanks.

Matthew Brocklebank,

Do you have any other books?
I just loved Creatine: A practical guide and I really liked your writing.

Jorge Lampreia, Portugal

Dr. Franco-Obregón has written a very comprehensive guide to creatine and using it effectively.

Not only covering creatine, Creatine: A practical guide provides guidelines for implementing the most effective muscle building supplement regimen based on the latest research.

If you think you are getting the most out of supplementing by simply following the manufacturer’s instructions on your creatine tub, you are simply wrong.

Using the information in the guide, I not only saw better results from my supplementation, but I actually saved money.

J. P. Clifford, Fitness Consultant,

Creatine: A practical guide is the answer to your prayers if you’re looking for step-by-step instructions for adding this powerful muscle booster to your current fitness program!

No more wasted money! When it comes to creatine, you’ll know EXACTLY what to take, how to take it, what to avoid, and how to magnify the effects, taking your gains to the next level!

Jeff Anderson, alias the ‘Muscle Nerd’,

I found it very informative, intellectually stimulating, and very comprehendible
Which is effective for me because I need to relate some of this information to my clients.

Michael Mills,
Personal Trainer,

I have read through the guide and I think it is fantastic. It is comprehensive, scientific, yet it maintains simplicity. Good effort!!

Sam Williams,
Professional Rugby Player,

Start making the most of your creatine supplementation with
Creatine: A practical guide


I loved your guide, and thought it was full of very honest and useful information for someone who isn’t familiar with creatine.

Roy vanderMaar,
Rowing Coach,

Thank you for sending me the link for downloading Creatine: A practical guide and the product reviews. They are superbly written and seem to be excellent information, well worth the price.

Robert Rister,

Thank you for Creatine: A practical guide.
The science backing it all, makes it easier to understand how and why to use creatine.

Matt Pilling,

I found Creatine: A practical guide to be exactly what I have been looking for.
I have been working out for about eight years now and have previously taken creatine. It was at the time when creatine first became popular, and there really wasn’t much information about its effects. I made up my mind to stop taking creatine until I was better informed about the product, and now for the first time in almost 7 years thanks to Creatine: A practical guide I am ready to experience the benefits of creatine.

Mike Capaldi,
Professional Bodybuilder,

Creatine: A practical guide provides very useful information.
A lot of information that fitness magazines leave out. It helps you understand what you’re putting in your body. I have greatly benefited from it and will use it as a reference for future use.

John Davidson,
North Carolina,

Creatine: A practical guide was very useful with good information and it was the best guide I have read.

Shaun Sansom,
New Zealand

I found the guide very informative. I was supplementing at the wrong times and was disrespecting the value of adding carbohydrates in combination with the creatine.

Bob Palle,
Senior Athlete,

I was extremely impressed with the detail and honesty in the presentation.

Glen Ethier,

I have read Creatine: A practical guide and have found the information to be easy to absorb.
It provides basic explanations of what is creatine, what and how it can benefit the body with training and some side effects that may stem from creatine usage from research material. Creatine: A practical guide provides recommended dosage for people looking for guidance with consumption amounts and is recommended reading if you are interested in optimising the efforts of training and dieting.

Sidney Loke,

The guide was very informative and helpful.

William Hughes,

With the limited information provided on the products that I purchased, I was getting a bit concerned on the implications and possible side effects of creatine.
Having gained a copy Creatine: A practical guide, I found it more than useful in terms of, what is creatine, side effects and the correct procedure for the use of creatine.

Eddy Shankland,

I found it to be very informative. It had many great references and was a very practical review of creatine. Most every topic was covered with sufficient information to gain a good understanding of the material.

Brad W. James,
Graduate Student,
Livestock Nutrition,
Kansas State University

My son and I have read through this material, and it has helped us greatly.

Glenn Townsend,

I found it very useful and helped me to use creatine with more confidence.

Ivan Fernando Soriano,

Your guide is required reading for anyone thinking of taking creatine. It contains a wealth of information.

I’m reading your e-book for the second time. I consider it THE reference on creatine.

Thank you.

Larry Ketelaar,
Recreational Athlete,

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