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Creatine Newsletter: Providing the most recent findings in the creatine field.

  • Issue 1: Creatine dosing strategies.
  • Issue 2: When to take creatine.
  • Issue 3: Is loading really necessary?
  • Issue 4: How does creatine make us stronger?
  • Issue 5: Does creatine alter our hormone levels?
  • Issue 6: Do creatine and alcohol mix?
  • Issue 7: The creatine-caffeine dilemma.
  • Issue 8: Does creatine increase fat?
  • Issue 9: Does creatine benefit women?
  • Issue 10: How to gain muscle mass.
    Interview with Anthony Ellis, 1997 Body Transformation Champion
  • Issue 11: Creatine, injury and rehabilitation.
  • Issue 12: Creatine’s side-effects. Fact or fiction?
    Interview with Dr. Jacques Poortmans of Belgium
  • Issue 13: Can creatine reduce muscle damage?
  • Issue 14: Creatine and cancer.
    Interview with Dr. Markus Wyss of Switzerland
  • Issue 15: Are creatine and protein powder a good combination?
  • Issue 16: Creatine and weight-loss.
    Article by Harry “Hank” Johnson Jr, 1998 Body for Life Champion
  • Issue 17: Creatine’s contaminants.
  • Issue 18: When’s the best time to take creatine?
  • Issue 19: Truth and rumors.
  • Issue 20: Growth hormone de-mystified.
  • Issue 21: Creatine and new muscle growth.
  • Issue 22: Creatine and brain power!
  • Issue 23: Creatine. Not just for jocks anymore…
  • Issue 24: HMB: Where’s the beef?
  • Issue 25: Creatine and HMB: The Power Team!
  • Issue 26: Why Can’t You Gain Weight?
  • Issue 27: Powder or Serum?
  • Issue 28: Is Serum a Hoax?
  • Issue 29: Does Fat Build Muscle?
  • Issue 30: The Creatine Secret – Part 1: Methylation Muscle
  • Issue 31: The Creatine Secret – Part 2: An Oxidant’s Nightmare
  • Issue 32: Polyamines – Laying Down the Foundations for Anabolism!
  • Issue 33: Creatine and the Insulin-like Growth Factors.
  • Issue 34: Ginkgo biloba: Helping take the stress out of exercise.
  • Issue 35: What is the best creatine for muscle development?
  • Issue 36: Creatine and CLAs sustain muscle and reduce body fat in the elderly.
  • Issue 37: Increasing Creatine’s Bioavailability: An Interview of Dr. Ralf Jäger.
  • Issue 38: Interview of Dr. Franco by Sean Nalewanyj

Supplement Reviews: The pros and cons of some of the more popular nutritional supplements.

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