Creatine & the Elderly : Part 4

Possible Benefits and Precautions of Creatine Use for the Elderly

The Root of Creatine’s Benefit for the Elderly

  1. Reduced Methylation Status Characterizes Old Age
  2. Creatine Supplementation Enhances Cellular Methylation
  3. Creatine Supplementation May Help Postpone Mental Senescence
  4. Precautions of Creatine Supplementation for the Elderly

Precautions of Creatine Supplementation for the Elderly

Consuming exorbitant amounts of creatine monohydrate powder is likely to place an unwarranted stress upon your kidneys – the body’s filtering apparatus. Therefore, due to the propensity for renal dysfunction in the elderly, anyone over 70 should seriously consider bypassing the loading phase of supplementation altogether.

Fortunately, certain B vitamins are known to facilitate the body’s own creatine synthetic pathway, alleviating the need for supplementation at high levels. Moreover, combining creatine supplementation with targeted B-vitamin intake will strengthen its positive influence over serum homocysteine levels, which, in turn, will improve mental and physical ability in later life.

A supplementing routine specifically designed for senior citizens given these considerations is given in Creatine: A practical guide.

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