Creatine Anabolics : Part 3

Creatine Supplementation Enhances Muscle Anabolics at Several Levels


Creatine’s Known Anabolic Mechanisms

Level 1. Indirect Anabolics

Level 2. Direct Anabolics

Level 3. Muscle Volumizing

Levels 4-6. Creatine’s Other Anabolic Effects


Level 3. Muscle Volumization: Creatine-Induced Cell Swelling is an Anabolic Stimulus

Another anabolic attribute of creatine is mediated via a process known as ‘cell volumizing‘. Creatine has the property that it causes cells to inflate with water, effectively increasing their volume. Similar cases of cell volumizing in different cell types and in response to distinct agents has been shown to be a potent stimulus for protein synthesis. That is, increasing the volume of the cell because of increased water retention signals to the cell that it has grown. The cell then responds by increasing its production of structural and key enzymatic proteins. By inference therefore, creatine-based cell volumization should likewise promote cellular anabolism.

Another common consequence of muscle volumizing is an increase in body mass, which may, or may not, be a desired consequence of creatine supplementation. An athlete can gain up to a few kilograms of water weight solely as a result of creatine-based muscle volumizing.

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Levels 4 – 6. Creatine is an Antioxidant, Buffers Muscle Acidity and Improves Muscle Calcium Regulation.

As Such, Creatine Combats Oxidative Stress, Reduces Muscle Fatigue and Facilitates Force Generation.

Creatine appears to possess antioxidant properties, neutralizes muscle acidity (arising from exercise) as well as facilitates the coordinated and efficient production of force by muscle, facts that just recently came to light. These aspects of creatine supplementation will clearly enhance an athlete’s ability to recover from strenuous exercise as well as to build long-lasting muscle tissue.

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