Creatine & the Elderly : Part 1

Possible Benefits and Precautions of Creatine Use for the Elderly

The Root of Creatine’s Benefit for the Elderly

  1. Reduced Methylation Status Characterizes Old Age
  2. Creatine Supplementation Enhances Cellular Methylation
  3. Creatine Supplementation May Help Postpone Mental Senescence
  4. Precautions of Creatine Supplementation for the Elderly

A Drop in Cellular Methylation Status Characterizes Normal Aging

Methylation is an extremely important cellular process that is indispensable for life itself. Some of our most essential growth factors rely on a methylation step to become fully functional. By far, the body’s most important methyl donor is a molecule known as S-Adenosyl Methionine, or SAM. Quite expectedly, SAM deficiencies compromise whole body anabolism; that is, growth and development!

Very importantly, our capacity to methylate important cellular targets decreases with age because of steady decline in SAM levels. The accumulative damage resulting from such an age-related decrease in cellular methylation capacity severely compromises our physical and mental health in later years of our lives.

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