Creatine Anabolics : Part 2

Creatine Supplementation Enhances Muscle Anabolics at Several Levels


Creatine’s Known Anabolic Mechanisms

Level 1. Indirect Anabolics

Level 2. Direct Anabolics

Level 3. Muscle Volumizing

Levels 4-6. Creatine’s Other Anabolic Effects


Level 2. DIRECT Anabolics: Cellular Methylation

Again, the anabolic role traditionally ascribed to creatine supplementation was INDIRECT, mediated by its ability to enhance exercise performance. This classical description of creatine’s mechanism of action, however, falls far short of explaining the breadth of anabolic properties recently being revealed in scientific studies. New research is now showing that creatine possesses broad metabolic attributes. For instance, an improvement in systemic methylation status is one manner in which creatine supplementation may provide a noticeable anabolic boost.

S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAM) Supports Methylation: Methylation is an extremely important cellular process that is essential for life itself. Many of our most essential growth factors rely on methylation to become functional. The body’s principal methyl donor is a molecule known as SAM. Ergo, SAM deficiencies compromise whole body anabolism.

So, what does creatine supplementation have to do with cellular methylation status? Nearly everything!

Creatine Supplementation Conserves SAM: The single largest drain of the body’s precious SAM reserves is the synthesis of creatine. By inference therefore, circumventing creatine synthesis should positively influence one’s methylation status. And, the best way to avoid creatine synthesis is to provide the body with enough creatine to meet its daily needs. That is, creatine supplementation alleviates the need to synthesize creatine and boosts one’s methylation status. Therefore, creatine supplementation contributes to a more healthful methylation status, which, in turn, lays down the foundation for all other anabolic processes in the body.

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B-Vitamins Regenerate SAM and Enhance Endogenous Creatine Synthesis:
Essential B vitamins, namely folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin B 6, help regenerate SAM after its consumption in cellular methylation reactions. Moreover, since creatine is the single largest drain of our precious body’s SAM reserves, these same B-vitamins will improve the body’s capacity to produce creatine. Therefore, to get the most from your methylation potential, include these essential B-vitamins in your creatine supplementing routine (see box below).

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Creatine Optimization

Combine Creatine Supplementation with Essential B Vitamins for Maximal Muscle Anabolism

Creatine supplementation stimulates muscle anabolism by accentuating training output as well as by biochemically priming muscles for growth and development. Importantly, including essential B-vitamins in your supplementing regimen will consolidate both these anabolic aspects of creatine supplementation. Nevertheless, it is absolutely imperative that you get these B-vitamins in the correct proportions and concentrations in order for this strategy to work effectively. In other words, merely taking a vitamin pill will not be sufficient to produce the greatest possible effect.

How to correctly combine creatine and essential B-vitamin supplementation to fully take advantage of this important anabolic process is only discussed in Creatine: A practical guide.

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