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  1. What is creatine?
  2. How does creatine work?
  3. How can I get creatine naturally?
  4. How does creatine get into muscle?
  5. Do all muscles respond the same to creatine?
  6. Does everyone respond to creatine?


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    Dosing Strategies

  8. How much creatine and when to take creatine?
  9. How does creatine cause muscle growth?
  10. Is it necessary to continue taking creatine to stay strong?



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    Side Effects, Risks, Rumors and Precautions


  12. Is creatine safe for women, children or the elderly?
  13. Creatine risks and side effects?
  14. Long term consequences of creatine use?
  15. Does creatine cause cancer?
  16. Might creatine help those with Muscular Dystrophy?


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