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Creatine: A practical guide is the answer to your prayers if you’re looking for step-by-step instructions for adding this powerful muscle booster to your current fitness program!

No more wasted money! When it comes to creatine, you’ll know EXACTLY what to take, how to take it, what to avoid, and how to magnify the effects, taking your gains to the next level!

Jeff Anderson, USA

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Learn what creatine products are truly worth their price and which ones are merely empty hype!

Now you have the opportunity to learn the pros and cons of many of the more popular creatine products on the market and discover what to look for before you buy!

After reading this free report, anyone should be able to easily interpret which ingredients are truly adding to the effectiveness of a given product, or merely included to inflate the price and to create a false sense of innovation – a commonly employed marketing strategy.




Some of the Creatine Products Featured

Phosphagen by EAS
Micronized Creatine by AST
Creatine 6000-ES by MuscleTech
Micronized Creatine HSC by AST
Betagen HP by EAS
Phosphagen XT by EAS
CELL-TECH by MuscleTech
NOZ by Nutrabolics
RiboForce HP (Effervescent Creatine by EAS)
Effervescent Creatine Power by ISS Research
Xtra Advantage® Creatine Serum® by MMUSA

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