Creatine and Weight Loss

June 3, 2002


1- Featured Article:
Can you lose weight while supplementing with creatine?

2- Invited Article:
Get Rough and Lose More Fat

Welcome to our weight loss issue of the Creatine Newsletter. In honor of the commencement of swimsuit season this month we will concentrate on the issues surrounding weight loss. This month we also have a special invited article by Harry “Hank” Johnson Jr. developer of the “Ultimate Results” Program. Here Harry explains how adding fiber to your diet can really melt away the pounds.

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This Month’s Featured Article:

Can you lose weight while supplementing with creatine?

Creatine monohydrate possesses two well-known effects. The first is that creatine induces an increase in body mass. The second is that creatine increases our muscle energy reserves. As far as weight loss is concerned, however, it may be that these two effects are at odds with each other. This is the topic of this month’s newsletter.

Body Mass: Supplementation with creatine monohydrate causes an increase in body mass. This effect, however, is more the result of increased water retention by skeletal muscle then to an increase in muscle protein content. As a result a person’s weight generally returns to “normal” after stopping supplementation.

Energy Reserves: Creatine increases our energy levels by increasing the availability of ATP, the energy currency of cells. Creatine’s “energizing” effect has inspired some to use it as a weight loss aid. As we will see later this reasoning may be confused.

The Study

One study examined a person’s ability to lose weight while supplementing with creatine. Here subjects were asked to lose 5% of their body mass in 5 days. This scenario might be compared to the situation where athletes are expected to make weight prior to competition.

The Result

Subjects given creatine found it more difficult to meet the study’s objective within the specified time. The difficulty to lose weight while taking creatine is most likely the result of the increased water retention that accompanies creatine use.

The Question

Is it possible to lose weight while on creatine?

The Answer

Yes, but it might be a bit harder to achieve.

The Reference

Oopik V., Paasuke M., Timpmann S., Medijainen L., Ereline J., Smirnova T. (June 1998) Effect of creatine supplementation during rapid body mass reduction on metabolism and isokinetic muscle performance capacity. European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology Volume 78: 1: pages 83-92.

Invited Article: Get Rough and Lose More Fat

by Harry “Hank” Johnson Jr. developer of the “Ultimate Results” Program

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to take me literally and go beat someone up. What I’m trying to say is that one of the most effective things you can do to help you lose fat easier is to increase the rough-age in your diet.

You can’t expect to keep your weight in check if you’re walking around feeling hungry all the time. Hunger is the one component of your program that must be kept in check. Eat more fiber (roughage), and watch those hunger pangs-and pounds-disappear!

“You can take in loads of calories, yet never feel full if many of the foods you eat are high in refined carbohydrates and sugar and low in fiber,” says Michelle Rodgers, RD, weight management coordinator at Hershey Medical Center in PA. “Fiber not only fills you up but also helps keep your blood sugar and energy levels even, and it’s great for lowering cholesterol and improving your overall health.”

Fiber may also be your body’s best weight loss aid: It actually whisks some of the calories you eat through your digestive system before they have a chance to settle on your waistline. If you double your daily fiber intake from the usual 14 grams (g) to about 30 g, you’ll absorb almost 120 fewer calories a day. That’s 13 pounds a year! And that’s without doing any extra exercise.

The book Protein Power(tm) recommends not even counting your daily fiber grams (which are both soluble and insoluble carbohydrates) towards your daily carbohydrate total. Let me tell you right now that fiber is one of your keys to fat loss success. If you stick to the highest fiber foods you will automatically choose foods lower in calories but higher in bulk. This helps fill you up for long periods of time.

Add these fiber-filled foods to your diet and start losing weight today:

Fiber One (1/2 cup), 13 g
Raspberries (1 cup), 8.4 g
Red Kidney beans (1/2 cup), 8.2 g
Whole wheat spaghetti (1 cup), 6.3 g (make sure to always cook it al dente’as this minimizes your blood sugar response to it)
Swiss chard – over 43% of its carbohydrates are fiber.
Peas (1/2 cup), 4.4 g
Collard Greens – over 63% of its carbohydrates are fiber.

In my “Ultimate Results” program I outline what I call my “Ultimate MEAL.” This meal consists of a special food combination I developed that actually helps you lose more fat. It is more “thermogenic” than just about any other food combination you can find.

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