Creatine & Methylation Status

Creatine Improves Indicators of General Health by Enhancing Methylation Status

Creatine Reduces Serum Homocysteine Levels

Methylation Improves Overall Health: Methylation also protects our genes from mutating as well as promotes the reading of those genes that result in cell growth, aka anabolism. Therefore, suboptimal methylation will undermine all (beneficial) cell growth – not just muscular development. Paradoxically, since methylation protects our genes from spontaneously mutating, suboptimal methylation will also increase the incidence of deleterious forms of cell growth, such as cancer. In a sense, creatine supplementation sets the stage for meaningful cell growth by establishing a strong methylation status (see previous).

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A strong methylation status has also been shown to combat the development of many degenerative conditions inflicting the middle-aged including cancer, liver disease, coronary heart disease, aggressive vascular disease, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, just to name a few. How to take full advantage of this virtually unknown aspect of creatine supplementation is explicitly discussed in our creatine guide.

Have you heard of homocysteine? I can guarantee that you soon will, as homocysteine is becoming the newly exposed culprit behind many of the most insidious of human diseases.

Elevated Homocysteine is Dangerous: Doctors are becoming increasingly alarmed about the role that homocysteine plays in the manifestation of many human diseases, especially in the elderly. Importantly, homocysteine is the result of an imbalance in methylation metabolism.

Therefore, maintaining a healthy methylation status has much greater importance than merely supporting muscle anabolism!

Creatine Lowers Serum Homocysteine Levels: Creatine supplementation has recently been shown to mitigate elevations in serum homocysteine, an effect downstream of its positive influence over cellular methylation status (see below). The hope is that creatine supplementation, via its methyl sparing effects, may help protect against the many human disorders resulting from elevated serum homocysteine levels. Ongoing research will eventually reveal the full extent of this potential benefit of creatine. Moreover, this healthful aspect of creatine supplementation can be fully optimized with a safe and easy to implement vitamin strategy.

Selected Scientific Reference

Creatine Reduces Serum Homocysteine Levels

Below is the reference to the first published study showing that creatine supplementation reduces plasma homocysteine levels.

Stead, L. M. et al. (2001) Methylation demand and homocysteine metabolism: effects of dietary provision of creatine and guanidinoacetate. American Journal of Physiology – Endocrinology and Metabolism, Volume 281, pages E1095-E1100.

Obviously, enhanced cellular methylation is only part of creatine’s healthy attributes. However, given that this issue has been largely unexplored by the sports science community, we will make it a priority of ours to educate the public about this very important aspect of creatine supplementation.

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