Creatine Discoveries
Creatine & Aggression:
Possible links between creatine use and aggression.
Creatine & Alzheimer’s:
How creatine and B vitamins may help retard the onset of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.
Creatine Anabolics:
Explains how creatine supplementation enhances muscle anabolics at several levels.
Creatine as an Antioxidant:
This page explains the antioxidant attributes of combining creatine and B-vitamins.
Creatine & B-vitamins:
Explains how combining creatine with B-vitamins improves general health.

Creatine & Coronary Heart Disease:
Explains how creatine use might help protect against the development of Coronary Heart Disease.
Creatine in Clinical Trials:
A summary of the ongoing clinical trials utilizing creatine with some promising results.
Creatine & the Elderly:
The positive benefits and drawbacks of creatine supplementation for the elderly.
Creatine & Endurance Tasks:
This page discusses the pitfalls and benefits of creatine supplementation for the endurance athlete.
Creatine Experiences:
Read examples of personal experiences with creatine from actual users.
Creatine & Intelligence:
The role of creatine in normal intelligence and cognitive function.
Creatine & Methylation Status:
Explains how creatine improves indicators of general health by enhancing methylation status.
Creatine & Sarcopenia:
Explains why creatine supplementation might slow the loss of muscle tissue apparent in the elderly.

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