What is Creatine: A practical guide?

Understanding how the body regulates creatine uptake and synthesis will allow you to maximize creatine absorption and consequently also optimize muscle growth and most effectively enhance athletic performance. This information is available in Creatine: A practical guide.

You will also learn about potential long-term and short-term side effects associated with creatine supplementation. You will learn the right foods to eat and the best methods to take creatine monohydrate to optimize muscle energetics. Most importantly, you will learn if creatine is right for you!

For whom is Creatine: A practical guide intended?

Creatine: A practical guide comprehensively covers what is actually understood about the creatine’s effects on physical performance as well as any adverse side effects creatine may have.

Creatine: A practical guide is intended to inform, so that anyone will be able to make an educated decision concerning the use of creatine.

Creatine: A practical guide is of use to any parent whose child may want to try creatine monohydrate.

Creatine: A practical guide is of use to coaches and health care professionals who can use the information within to instruct those in their care.

Creatine: A practical guide is of benefit to athletes wanting to safely maximize muscle growth and physical performance.

Creatine: A practical guide is of interest to any sport enthusiasts considering creatine supplementation.

Creatine: A practical guide will allow the older athlete to poise his/her metabolism for maximal muscle anabolism and athletic performance.

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Creatine: a practical guide will teach you how to use creatine safely and effectively for greatest muscle growth. You'll learn: how to design your own personalized dosing protocol, what to eat (and what not to eat) and other methods to make the greatest muscle gains, at the lowest price. Also, find out whether expensive creatine formulations are really worth the money!

All for less than the cost of your monthly creatine!

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