Creatine & the Elderly

Possible Benefits and Precautions of Creatine Use for the Elderly

The Root of Creatine’s Benefit for the Elderly

  1. Reduced Methylation Status Characterizes Old Age
  2. Creatine Supplementation Enhances Cellular Methylation
  3. Creatine Supplementation May Help Postpone Mental Senescence
  4. Precautions of Creatine Supplementation for the Elderly

Creatine Supplementation May Help Offset the Normal Aging Process in Several Ways

The discovery of new benefits of creatine supplementation for the elderly is one of the most exciting areas of ongoing creatine research. Recent scientific studies suggest that creatine supplementation helps slow the progression of sarcopaenia/sarcopenia, the typical loss of muscle mass that is characteristic of advanced age. Creatine supplementation may also help preserve mental functioning in later life as well as help protect against the development of coronary heart disease. These aspects of creatine supplementation are covered at the indicated links.

All the before mentioned benefits of creatine supplementation will be accentuated when combined with targeted B-vitamin supplementation, which will optimize cellular methylation status – the focus of this section. This page will also discuss the general issues surrounding creatine use in the senior citizen (regardless of fitness level) and highlight its potential benefits as well as possible adverse consequences.

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