Is it necessary to continue supplementing?

7. How much and when should I take creatine?
8. How does creatine cause muscle growth?
9. Is it necessary to continue supplementing?

Unfortunately, some of the gains in strength (and size) you made while supplementing will disappear after you stop. This is inevitable and will take about one month, which is the time it takes for your muscular creatine levels to return to normal. These attributes are temporary since they only have to do with the presence of creatine within skeletal muscle cells, i.e., muscle fluid retention (muscle volumizing) and enhanced muscle energetics (increased ATP resynthesis).

However, any gains you made in physical performance as a result of the accretion of new muscle proteins will persist long after discontinuing creatine use. Very fortunately, creatine supplementation is also a potent stimulator of muscle protein synthesis; a downstream effect of enhanced exercise performance as well as other anabolic properties of creatine (see Question #8). The fact that certain biochemical indicators of protein synthesis increase in response to creatine supplementation is biochemical proof of this conclusion.

Finally, correctly combining creatine supplementation, essential B vitamins, and other important nutrients will better promote muscle anabolism and hence, increase the proportion of gains that persist following the termination of supplementation.

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