Do all muscles respond to creatine?

  1. What is creatine?
  2. How does creatine work?
  3. What are natural sources of creatine?
  4. How does creatine get into muscle?
  5. Do all muscles respond to creatine?
  6. Does everyone respond to creatine?



Not all muscle types respond equally to creatine supplementation. Muscles can be loosely described as either fast or slow. As the name implies, fast muscle fibers mediate abrupt movements. Fast muscle fibers are also those that predominantly use creatine energy production. Hence, explosive movements respond best to creatine supplementation.

Slow muscle fibers, on the other hand, do not rely that heavily on creatine energy production. Slow muscle fibers are also those that play an important role during endurance exercise. It follows that endurance tasks are influenced less by creatine supplementation. In addition, many endurance sports may be adversely effected by the increase in weight associated with creatine supplementation (see Question #11).

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