Creatine Anabolics

Creatine Supplementation Enhances Muscle Anabolics at Several Levels

Creatine’s Known Anabolic Mechanisms

Level 1. Indirect Anabolics

Level 2. Direct Anabolics

Level 3. Muscle Volumizing

Levels 4-6. Creatine’s Other Anabolic Effects

The Creatine Revolution

Creatine has literally revolutionized the supplement industry. Never before has a nutritional supplement received such wide scale acclaim by scientists and laypersons alike. The past decade has produced countless studies demonstrating that creatine supplementation provides a clear ergogenic effect. That is, creatine supplementation increases an athlete’s capacity to perform physical work.

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Creatine supplementation improves exercise performance by acting at several physiological levels, commencing at the individual cell and extending to a broad anabolic response. Although creatine’s systemic attributes are currently the least understood of its effects, they are potentially the most important for overall health and athletic performance. With ongoing scientific research, however, the mechanisms of action behind these larger-scale hormonal responses soon will be revealed.

Creatine’s best understood mechanism of action is that it increases cellular energy levels during moments of greatest energy consumption (read Level 1: Indirect Anabolics). Hence, an effect of creatine supplementation on physical performance is most obvious during strenuous exercise.

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