Creatine & Aggression

Is There Evidence for Creatine Causing Aggressive Behavior?

  1. How Might Creatine Use Give Rise to Aggression?
  2. Personal Accounts of Aggression / Mood Swings Following Creatine Use
  3. Possible Correlation Between Brain Creatine Levels and Aggressive Behavior
  4. Scientific Studies Showing an Effect of Creatine Consumption on Mood

Has Aggressive Behavior Been Linked to Creatine Supplementation?

It is our obligation to openly discuss all aspects of creatine supplementation openly; the good, the bad as well as those that currently lack scientific validation. These are issues that you won’t see posted on most other creatine informational sites, since most have an invested bias in reporting only the good attributes of creatine supplementation.

Anecdotal reports of increases episodes of aggression coinciding with the use of creatine supplements have recently emerged in the popular media. Whether these cases of seemingly spontaneous aggression are truly linked to the consumption of creatine, or merely coincidental with another change in life factor remains to be clearly answered. Unfortunately, to my knowledge no scientific study has specifically looked at the effect of creatine supplementation on levels of aggression.

Two recent studies, however, did find that creatine supplementation enhances cognitive performance and possibly mood during forced sleep deprivation, which is seemingly at odds with the notion that creatine produces aggressive behavior.

Read examples of unfiltered personal experiences with creatine.

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