Creatine & Coronary Heart Disease

Potential Benefits of Creatine Supplementation Over CHD

The Leading Cause of Death in the Western World

More People Die From Heart Disease Than From Cancer

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is the poster child of health disorders arising from disturbances in cellular methylation. In the United States alone over 13 million people are currently managing CHD, where it represents the leading cause of death. A major contributor to the development of CHD is a metabolite known as homocysteine. Importantly, serum homocysteine levels rise in response to imbalances in the methylation cycle. Consequently, serum homocysteine levels are now used as an accurate measure of the chances of developing CHD.

Cellular methylation efficiency decreases in later life, explaining the increased incidence of CHD in the elderly. Moreover, as the mean age of the human population steadily climbs the development of practical and effective methods to manage of CHD is becoming increasingly urgent.

The development of CHD can be offset by adopting an active lifestyle and by controlling one’s diet. Recent evidence now seems to suggest that creatine supplementation may also help assist in the management of CHD.

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