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To find out how much creatine to take, use our creatine dosage calculator. Enter your information in the form provided and we’ll send you a personalized creatine dose (specifically designed to fit your particular physical characteristics) within a few days.

IMPORTANT: The doses calculated here correspond to pure creatine monohydrate powder. The presence of additives in a particular formulation will increase the serving size accordingly, depending on the product in question.

Creatine supplementation is just one step in stimulating muscle growth and improving athletic performance. Comprehensive details on how to fully optimize your creatine regimen for maximal muscle growth and overall good health can be found in Creatine: A practical guide.

Please refer to this guide with any questions regarding the recommendations made via our creatine dose calculator.

Anyone wanting to make the most of creatine with the least amount of side effects is strongly encouraged to read this guide before commencing supplementation.

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