The Creatine Information Center

The Creatine Information Center first went public in 1998 in an attempt to balance the huge amount of misinformation then circulating about creatine. Our goal has since been to update the public as to all new developments in the creatine field. We now also disseminate relevant information about other important nutritional supplements commonly used in the athletic and fitness arenas.

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We DO NOT represent the supplement industry!

Our mission is to provide the public with unbiased and reliable information about creatine and other important nutritional supplements. This website discusses all aspects (good and bad) of creatine supplementation without reservation, or prejudice. Translating the most recent scientific findings into simple everyday language. This site is regularly updated with new information as it becomes available to the scientific community, so visit us often!

We will neither advocate, nor discourage, the use of creatine. Your decision to supplement should be based on accurate information, not hearsay, or sales pitch.